Gourmet Innovations LLC is a diversified, Limited Liability Company offering highest quality gourmet and gift products made by small and home-based businesses.

The following are some of the websites, projects, and Facebook pages/groups falling under the Gourmet Innovations LLC umbrella:

Huckleberry Rakes 

Huckleberry Pickers

Gem Berry Products (managed for another company)

Gourmet Innovations (Facebook)

You might be interested in our sister company, Niche Innovation, an information and services company that includes the following online assets:

The Complete eGuide for Selling to Gift & Retail Shops 

How to Find, Recruit and Manage Independent Sales Reps

Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets

Selling to Gift Shops blog

Rattlesnake Cooking Made Easy

Spiritual Tools for Hungry Souls


Selling to Retailers (Facebook)

Spiritual Abundance (Facebook)

Contact Us

Sandy & Malcolm Dell
PO Box 2374
Orofino, ID 83541

Sandy: GourmetInnovations2@gmail.com

Malcolm:  GourmetInnovations@gmail.com